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Chengdu flies to Kunming 68 yuan of airline ticket are bad to buy Chengdu to fly
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Yesterday, yunnan auspicious roc aviation rolled out lowest of Chengdu — Kunming 68 yuan Jing explodes valence! But reporter discovery, buying these 68 yuan of a piece airline ticket is difficult and heavy however.

According to introducing, 68 yuan of this company special offer bills that in course of Chengdu — Kunming every airliner rolled out 20 pieces or so, will last to this month 28 days, the purpose is for sales promotion. Yesterday, the reporter unified carry out in countrywide civil aviaton did not inquire ticket of this kind of special offer in ticket system. The reporter dialed Yunnan auspicious roc representative of an airline ticket orders airline phone, the other side states 68 yuan ticket just has 28 numbers only, want to buy the poundage that must give 50 money. A personage inside course of study discloses, 68 yuan special offer airline ticket exists really, because amount of special offer ticket is limited, sell directly besides the business ministry in airline outside, deal out dot of representative of a few a few airline ticket. And acting dot passes these bills the ticket to string together again string together or add valence to sell directly, enjoy those who be little by the passenger of ticket of this kind of 68 yuan of special offer truly so little.