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Took the opportunity to usher in the spring peak of Civil Aviation should be a
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The next 3 days before the holiday travel rush will usher in civil aviation. And by train, car different plane, there are strict security regulations. In order to ensure a smooth check-in, passengers should be aware of the following security requirements. Check the boots to wear off Winter season, the common fashionable women wear short skirts with boots. To ensure aviation safety, the Xiamen airport security recently required to wear boots women shoes checked. Kunming airport security two battalion Renqi Bin told reporters: They wear boots and platform shoes of the passengers, also called off their shoes checked. Each passenger may carry on or checked cigarettes, but each person with a 10. Each passenger can carry maximum of two bottles (capacity of not more than 500ML) liquid beverages, and check to make sure no doubt by the bottle only after the carry on an airplane, checked all the other excess. Passengers may not bring alcohol, as do need to carry no more than two bottles per person (1 kg), and must be checked and packaging to comply with civil aviation regulations. Due to special reasons to carry liquid items, such as the sick passengers to carry liquid medicines, baby with a baby to carry passengers drinking supplies, check to make sure no doubt by the bottle, you can carry. Checked baggage is not large Home New Year, many people will be carrying large bags of luggage. The airport security in this area, there are strict requirements. First class and business fares two pieces of free checked baggage, 3 sides of each volume and the largest not more than 158 cm. Economic and tourism discount fares, the number of free checked baggage to two pieces, each 3 sides and the largest size must not exceed 158 cm, two and may not exceed 273 cm, maximum weight per piece shall not exceed 32 kg. By paying 10% of adult fare Infants piece of luggage for free delivery, volume three sides and not more than 115cm. Exceed the specified number and the baggage exceeds the maximum size, excess baggage should be delivered. Can not check license expiration Passengers should purchase with a valid ID card and the opportunity. Valid ID card types include: Chinese visitors, the identity card, Jing Guanzheng, military officer; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots residents travel documents; foreign travelers passport, travel document or diplomatic card; or the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China recognized by other valid identity documents. Minors under the age of 16 passengers of Chinese nationality student ID, or account booklet issued by the local public security organs and took the opportunity to purchase identity documents and license expired not board the plane.