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Shijiazhuang the end of a number of routes to the sea offers the lowest ticke
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News today airline ticket from Hebei Airport Group has learned that plans to the public in December took the opportunity to travel the most cost-effective, particularly the use of spare time at the end of the people traveling to Hainan, Haikou, buy discount airline tickets the lowest is only 2.5 . It is understood that the end of this year, a number of routes Shijiazhuang Airport offers more flights, discount low, which Haikou Shijiazhuang, Korla routes, ticket minimum of 2.5 fold; Shijiazhuang Qinhuangdao flights, airline tickets lowest 3 fold; stone house Chuang to Wenzhou, Hangzhou route, the lowest airfare 3.5 fold; Shijiazhuang, Kunming route, the lowest airfare 3.8 fold; to Sanya, Shijiazhuang, Dalian, Chongqing, routes, ticket minimum 4 fold; Shijiazhuang to Urumqi route, the most tickets Low 5 discount; Shijiazhuang and Chengdu routes, the lowest 199 yuan (Spring Airlines web site to purchase only). In addition, Spring Airlines has brought the public the end of dinner, from 15 November -12 January 20, every Monday and Tuesday are "9" per ticket spike activity, the public can log on buying Shijiazhuang Spring Airlines web site To Shanghai, Shenyang, Hohhot special low route "9" per ticket. According to Box Office staff, December Shijiazhuang Airport will add flights and increase some routes, most routes limited number of low discount airline tickets, make travel plans in advance contact the city's major passenger ticket and enjoy Benefits while avoiding delays in your itinerary.