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Top flight ticket a "cabbage price" 370 yuan Wuhan Wuxi Fly
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Dec. 6 from the major travel network, travel agents, ticket booking office learned last month of 2010 relative to the previous discount rate ticket prices are great, and some popular routes and even a "cabbage price" tickets, two or three broken off , will be able to fly to two or three hundred dollars a trip, and some with the ticket price is almost the same. Miss Yan citizens and friends booked a flight to Hong Kong in mid-December, before Christmas to prepare a "shopping paradise" to purchase something big, as long as they provide tickets to 600 yuan, she said she learned a bargain. She said that now the end of my annual leave, the Hong Kong side and happens to be discounted season tickets cheap, go over there to play a few days, the procurement point of clothes, cosmetics is a good time. It is understood that the off-season as well as by the Travel Expo, the Asian Games and other major events ending and other factors, some popular routes have begun to sharply lower ticket prices. The recent general decline of domestic ticket prices, many hundred tickets have begun to emerge the market. Beijing-Shanghai route is most popular in the past, Shanghai and Guangzhou, also began to route 280, 290 ultra-low prices. Appeared in an online store in Wuhan Wuxi, 280 yuan of special flight ticket and 90 dollars machine built fuel costs, then the total one-way fare is nothing but 370 yuan. The Wuxi to Wuhan's second-class seat motor car fare is 234 yuan, 280 yuan fare first-class seat, this way, Wuhan, Wuxi flying machine more than the train fares, but 100 from top to bottom. The thought that EMU has almost counted flight ticket prices in the "cabbage price", and did not expect to Guangzhou, Wuxi, Wuxi to Chengdu have twenty-three hundred dollars this month, tickets low discount airline tickets. Wuxi to Kunming on January 6, 411 yuan is also 2.4 discount ticket. In addition, this December to mid January next year, Nanjing, Chengdu has a lot of time off in 2 discount, the price tickets at 310 yuan, Nanjing to Xi'an can also find a lot of 2 fold, ticket prices as low as 220 . In addition, fly to Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, about 3 fold a large number of cheap tickets to fly in Shenzhen, Wuxi and Beijing, there are many twenty-three hundred dollars in tickets. Interview, many people think "cabbage price" train ticket with a number of similar prices, save time by plane, but also save the journey tired. The industry proposal for long-term travel Recently a friend may wish to check there are no special fares to the destination. If so, may wish to consider traveling by plane, prices are more affordable, more saving, but because of some super-cheap airfare tickets in advance, the public should be as soon as possible to determine the travel itinerary, booking as early as possible.