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Why cannot smoke on the plane

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Because the nicotine in tobacco is agent of poisonous hemp of a kind of central nervous,  cannot smoke, it can make flight personnel whole body vasomotor, eyesight drops, and the air environment on contaminative machine, bring about fire insurance even. 1983, chinese civil aviation bureau issues a regulation, prohibit smoking on regular air service of domestic line passenger. This also has similar case in other country. In view of the harm sex of smoking more and more people are known, international Civil Aviation Organization the delegate of 153 members country attends a meeting at was in Canadian Montreal on October 8, 1992, pass a resolution about the problem smoking on the plane, airline of formulary each country must prohibit before on July 1, 1996 the passenger smokes on international airliner. In June 1993, chinese aviation total bureau decides, from will rise on July 1 in those days, admiral of regular air service of passenger of China International course executes ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade stage by stage, in order to protect a passenger healthy.

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