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Take civil aviaton plane what to should notice

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  prepares to take civil aviaton plane to be in in sky when the journey when you, before boarding the plane, you do not eat dish full meal is fully, in that way, the journey in can giving your air brings unwell sense, or happen disgusting, or cause sickness. Before seizing the opportunity, eat not easily contain cellulose more the food with easy generation gas, be like soda water, potato kind, legume, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and earthnut; Also do not eat tall food of adipose, high protein. You had better be to choose a few quantity of heat food of tall, digestible, wait like candy of white bread, cake, noodle, yogurt, lean lean, fruit, chocolate and fruit. If you do not buy these food before seize the opportunity, also need not be anxious, long-distance journey is medium in sky, the meeting on civil aviaton plane supplies you freely candy of juice juice, cold drink, of all kinds fruit the food such as He Qiaoke force. Hint incidentally, before seizing the opportunity, you had better be to sleep silently shut-eye, what can eliminate the journey in sky to appear already so is giddy, promising you see earth scene raise spirit in empty embezzle.

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