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Why cannot be the mobile phone used on the plane

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When the electric equipment such as the mobile phone is used on machine, whether can the electric signal that they issue destroy aerostat, up to now unavailable confirm. But, bear the telegraphic name that disturbs aerostat with all likelihoods, still be right way.

Southern Asia manage is versed in university communication project fastens those who teach Chen Hao to say: "Theoretic, the thing that this is likelihood happening... the signal of interference can cause damage only, affirmation won't have any profit. Affirmation won't have any profit..

Explaining the use of electric equipment, when how affecting aviation communication, professor Chen says, aerostat relies on signal shift, like switch, turn left-hand rotation is right, or up and down; They are very advanced, can accept the weakest signal.

Computational mistake consequence is unimaginable

"The actuating signal that they receive, must accurate. Be disturbed, cause computational error or by misdirect, somewhat difference, consequence is unimaginable also. Consequence is unimaginable also..

He explains, watch American cable TV (CNN) when the program, the sound of within and image, was to receive (further than flight plane) of satellitic send out " binary code " -- " 1 " and " 0 " .

Aerostat accepts satellitic signal like TV same, receive binary code only. If outside signal is disturbed, receives binary code signal will be changed, "1 " change " 0 " , "0 " change " 1 " .

"An information is with ' 1 ' and ' 0 ' as code name. If not be a change all ' 1 ' , ' 0 ' , however a few, even, the message can be changed. This message may be actuating signal, preparation starts aviation controller. Preparation starts aviation controller..

Professor Chen uses vivid example to explain, this is just like a melodrama, need controls lamplight with voltaic switch, and the fluctuation of drape. Once switch is not indicated according to order, the case will be big random.

The distance is shorter signal is stronger

No less, want move any aerostat, must rely on electronic switch to issue a directive. Nevertheless, "Electronic switch implement " it is the flesh is less than soon, the logistic switch in similar computer.

"When your switch aerostat, cannot have the room that err. When logic is incorrect, the plane also is met incorrect interest; What Na Yiding nods is different, joint performance becomes blunder. Joint performance becomes blunder..

Professor Chen points out, even if the seat number that is by the side of finally uses electric equipment, the complex parts of its distance and cockpit is very short still, have potential and dangerous sex.

His citing says, spark is distant from the earth, we can get the faint signal that it issues however, can use subtle instrument even, the data of exploration spark.

"Since be on the ground, can get faint signal of spark, OK and affirmative is, the aerostat of cockpit, can receive the signal of the person that use to the mobile phone likewise. Jump over stone's throw, signal is stronger. Signal is stronger..

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