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Why should be safety belt fastened on the plane? When seizing the opportunity, s

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"Ladies, gentlemen, our airliner is about to take off, ask you to had sat on the seat, back of a chair of tone straight seat, pack up teapoy board, fasten good safety belt... " the word of this paragraph of broadcast of steward, believe to seize the opportunity fares are not new, department safety belt already became the routine when seizing the opportunity. Regard safety as the significant step of safeguard, helmet of the safety belt on the plane and car safety belt, autocycle is same, not be a kind of decoration absolutely. Once encounter an accident, safety belt can rise to protect action. Utmost ground avoids a passenger to be harmed.

On October 17, the airliner of CZ341 of Chinese southern airline that flies to Hong Kong from Kunming in the sky is in Hong Kong to encounter strong air current, the plane is in 10 seconds drop from 6400 meters headroom 5800 meters, not was a young more very safety belt and going up the space that the passenger of the toilet is cast to engine room, bump to the ceiling, share 45 passengers to get hurt.

Partial guest: Object to fastening safety belt

Aboard should fasten good safety belt, this is not the topic with fresh what already, on every airliner, steward can remind a passenger to fasten good safety belt repeatedly. Come for years, civil aviaton is on this one link also never dare laches, however, still passenger of quite a few objects about fastening the regulation of safety belt to civil aviaton.

The idea of Miss Li has staff member of some foreign enterprise quite representative: "Sat so much second plane, had never confronted the lofty spirit of a nation of the Jing in sky, arrived smoothly surely every time destination, and should have an accident really, can a belt remove this trifling again much big effect? So I feel the department does not fasten safety belt to be indifferent to all the time, since steward exhorts repeatedly, still check in turn, I am removing safety belt of the strung when falling, ping Fei hind loosened, because uncomfortable, hinderous. Hinderous..

Actually, fastening safety belt is a kind of necessary precautionary measures, rising when the plane fall the scram in the process or when encountering strong air current to produce intense jolt, the passenger that did not fasten safety belt often has not enough time to be on guard and be harmed accidentally, this kind of circumstance is in domestic and international oneself is not scarce, according to investigation, go up in airliner of this Na Hang because a lot of passengers had fastened safety belt and safe and sound, and the misfortune ministry that those passengers that did not fasten safety belt face arise suddenly is differred the harm of degree, the action of visible safety belt cannot be looked down upon.

Onflow is a plane " concealed body killer "

When the plane is wearing the cloud or encountering powerful air current, like going up in cobbly driveway as car travel, meeting occurrence jolt. But you perhaps do not know, in clear sky in 10 thousand lis blue sky, like undercurrent hiding below the offing that also can resemble calm sometimes, can appear now and then intense faze take offense flows, make the plane arises to quiver strongly winnow with a fan, the air current that the concerned public figure that sky of civil aviaton total bureau provides bureau atmosphere to be in weighs to this kind will do not have sign is " clear sky swifts current " . According to concluding, those who cause plane of this Na Hang to in the sky be in Hong Kong to produce an accident " chief culprit " it is seasonal namely onflow.

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