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How is the plane cheered

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  plane is a big fellow that drinks oil, the biggest plane Boeing 747-400 3 cheer amount to many tons 170. Accordingly, the plane cheers the characteristic that has his. The cheer means of the plane has two kinds, one kind is an ala next cheering, one kind is cheer on the ala. Use what means cheers on the ala basically is small-sized plane, large airlines all is used means is cheered below the ala. Refuelling truck of oilcan of refuelling truck cent and cop refuelling truck two kinds. Oilcan refuelling truck is from oil storage fuel the library transports to oily car canister inside, drive is cheered by Che Zhifei machine, tank truck is a standard with its capacity size, come from 1200 liter 85000 liter. Cop refuelling truck is be defeated from conduit of underground of classics of oil storage library in fuel to aircraft parking area after cheering a well, the means that cheers contact with wildcat of connection of refuelling truck hose and plane is cheered. Cop is cheered shortened cheer time, decreased to fuel evaporates and pollute a likelihood, safe and efficient, but build petroleum pipeline path, cheer well and the fare that buy cop refuelling truck costly. Before the plane is cheered, oil of technical staff assay is tasted, in order to make sure place adds fuel qualification.

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