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Why the passenger wants to take off ability of the plane after its baggage debus

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According to the concerned regulation of company of Chinese civil aviation, after the passenger bought airline ticket, the passenger produced a kind of contractual relationship with some airline heir. Carrier responsible and should carry the passenger destination, include the baggage that passenger place consigns. During if be in,boat is carried for nothing, the luggage that passenger place makes use produces destruction, lose or damage, criterion carrier agree carries corresponding responsibility. Accordingly, should produce a passenger as a result of some kind of reason by accident when machine, to be in charge of to the passenger, airline must reach this passenger place the baggage of carry to go up from the plane debus, just let a plane take off, lest produce a passenger to be in armour ground, and baggage is in second ground, the job that gives a passenger thereby, life brings disadvantageous case.

In the meantime, this also is a kind of measure that makes sure aviation carries safety. After abroad ever had produced a passenger to make dangerous goods use, intended by accident machine and the incident that causes aviation to carry an accident. So, from the debus on the plane by accident the baggage of plane passenger, also be to assure the safety of broad passenger.

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