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The free baggage forehead of international course has what regulation

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Cent of free baggage forehead is international course plan forehead of heavy free baggage and reckon by the piece are free baggage forehead two kinds. Plan forehead of heavy free baggage; According to the fare seat grade that passenger place pays, free baggage forehead is each full or half-price ticket passenger: First class is 40 kilograms (88 pounds) , official cabin is 30 kilograms (66 pounds) , tourist class (include travel rebate) it is 20 kilograms (44 pounds) , by adult full price the 10% baby that buys a ticket chins without free baggage. Reckon by the piece is free baggage forehead, according to the fare seat grade that passenger place pays, the free baggage forehead of each full or half-price ticket passenger is two, every long, wide, tall 3 edges the sum must not exceed 158 centimeters (62 when) , every weight must not exceed 32 kilograms. But hold tourist class (include travel rebate) the passenger of passenger ticket, its the summation with two long, wide, tall baggage must not exceed 273 centimeters (117 when) , by adult full price the 10% baby that buys a ticket does not have free baggage forehead.

In the meantime, as the development of civil aviaton, different airline, diverse line is different also to the requirement of free baggage, when everybody is ordering airline ticket, must see well the regulation of the free baggage on airline ticket, ask clear booking office the staff member answers note. Actually, the baggage size that wants you only can be put inside the boot on plane seat, carrier won't check weight commonly.

Announce drop, course is added to must not overweight in, should not exceed more, expend again more often the growth of twice. If overweight really, consign cost of heavier than Fu Chao also baggage to want petty gain as goods, everybody wants to be sure to keep in mind.

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