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Why to shift to an earlier date 45 minutes close down seizes the opportunity for
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Doing to seize the opportunity 45 minutes when track head glides to the plane after formalities inside, civil aviaton staff member should have the job of 3 respects:

One, value opportunity personnel wants number of settle accounts passenger, baggage is counted, number of article of weight, money, weight, mail, the close an account that undertakes according to above data carring capacity is balanced (settle accounts of carring capacity balance should paint balance picture, computational centre of gravity place) , do good manifest next, serve a plane to join unit, plane square but discharged, these jobs need the left and right sides 15 minutes about;

2, having afore-mentioned jobs while, broadcast room informs the passenger begins to board the plane, the clerk should check boarding check, number of check the amount. After the passenger boarded a plane, steward wants again number of check the amount, prevent somebody to leak by, the preparation before undertaking the plane takes off next works, explain the equipment on concerned note and machine to use a method to the passenger, the baggage on examination rack whether put away, whether is the passenger's safety belt good wait for the job. Carry a team to be gone to even baggage of the outfit inside engine room, goods, mail, although above job is synchronous undertake, but complete cloth fulfils need 20 minutes;

3, remaining 10 minutes is the plane closes good port to glide to track the time that initial drop needs. So the plane leaves the ground 45 minutes to answer close down seizes the opportunity formalities, otherwise the airliner is met incur loss through delay.