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Laos airline plans to open the line of nonstop Japan and Europe
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According to Laos airline (Lao Airlines) dimension contest pilot says: Laos airline plans to arrive directly at Japanese course at debutting 2012, arrive directly at European course at debutting 2020. To achieve above goal, airline is planning to buy more planes, build track and quality of air man of promotion recieve training and increase recieve training number.

At present Laos lacks professional flight person with ability, rise from 1975 up to now, laos home is less than 100 native land and professional air man only. To solve this problem, workpoint of the member that airline has been sent is not accepted to China and Thailand relevant groom.

Laos airline plans to bought 7 new aircrafts 2010, in order to provide more international flight numbers, laos is existing arrive directly from every phenomenon inside river of Bangkok of Chinese Kunming, Thailand, Vietnam, bead of Hu Zhiming and Kampuchea Phnom Penh, Xian, pull state to fly from Lang suddenly inside the river, Bangkok and Qing Dynasty stride international course, will pull state to arrive at Lang suddenly debutting by October the course of Thailand black grand.

Laos airline is the airline with state-owned Laos, laos airline does business at beginning to be a name with LaoAviation since 1976, at the beginning of 2003 formal more the name is Lao Airlines.

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