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General attestation ID blocks interior of employee of use airport of American ai
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The United States carries safe management board (TSA) the near future prepares to extend plan of an in-house and general attestation, this plan prepares to be used at the management of working personnel of American home airport, adopt this plan, the staff member of any airport wants hold only a piece of general ID card, OK and expedite at home each airports and do not need to undertake additional enrollment, attestation wait in different airport.

This plan still will is opposite the data examination flow of all airports undertakes standardizing. But each airports plan to this however unable to decide which is right. From " 9 · 11 " after incident happening, each American airports cost a large number of time and money to be used on biology identifying, with period promotion airport security examines a system. American airport apparitor is allied (AAAE) also built biology radical airport to install check federation to carry safe management board in order to cooperate to undertake to the airport biology identifying visits control.

Each airport expresses the support that plans to in-house and general attestation, but they do not hope mode of this kind of identity identifying affects them to control a system from some discrepancy now. The proponent says, how does the whole that in-house and general attestation plans to be able to raise completely beautiful airport not only prevent ability, still can enhance the control ability with each airport original oneself.

Peaceful division (Tyco) how to prevent the governmental project with fire control company to be in charge of Roger Roehr to think, this is airport attestation plans in coordination (ACIS) one part, have general ID and do not mean the airport to must accept him, each airport has the right specific issue is treated individually, the person of general to hold ID gives write one's own ticket why to be planted attributive.

Proof of airport working personnel may sign and issue 1.5 million airport staff member and by tens of thousands airline employee. This card will use level of improvement confederative information processing 201. The biology that ACIS contacts use blame identifies pattern, identity identifying returns current staff not to support this pattern. The United States carries safe management board to prepare to traffic from card of qualification of capacity of staff of course of study (TWIC) plan go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures.

Airport attestation plans to aim in coordination ground of get sth done once and for ever undertakes to airport working personnel the identity is checked, it is OK that every airport working personnel should accept careful identity to check only travel is all the airport, same, once this staff appears the problem such as crime, the system also can undertake marking to changing employee instantly, in order to remind place organic field notices. Plan in coordination through airport attestation, it is OK that airport working personnel should carry card of a piece of identity only airport of current whole nation, need not undertake identity identifying and attestation in every airport, reduced the burden of employee and airport greatly.
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