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Qatar airline consolidates actively the consequence in Japanese market
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Recently, qatar airline (Qatar Airways) presiding apparitor Mr Akbar Al Baker expresses, qatar airline develops the pace of far east market to won't be decelerated.

Qatar airline will be thrown in succession inside 10 years of future use more than 200 aircraft. Qatar airline will continue its unprecedented high speed develops, be in especially core market of the Asia -- China and Japan. Mr Akbar Al Baker expresses.

"Qatar airline will continue in this one area open up new line, perfect our destination network further. This is us the outspread plan of active enterprising. " Mr Akbar Al Baker complements.

Qatar airline attended the JATA world tourism that Japanese Tokyo holds the 5th times to exhibit. This exhibition travels by Japan trade association (JATA) sponsor, it is the tourism with Asian the largest scale is exhibited one of meetings.

Tourism of current JATA world is exhibited attracted nearly 1000 ginseng that come from 134 countries to postpone business in all, and the ten person that look around.

Qatar airline East Asia and on the west director of advanced business operation Mr Marwan Koleilat of Pacific Area expresses in Tokyo, JATA world tourism exhibited the collaboration that is foreign company and this locality tourism again to build platform, make foreign enterprise can have an opportunity to extend its product and service.

He says: "Japanese passenger held the 80% above of turnover of our Osaka course. Accordingly, in our market and development strategy, local passenger is a main component. Local passenger is a main component..

Express according to Koleilat, qatar airline is exhibited in tourism of this second JATA world on emphasize the new form that showed a company. This figure is enabled formally this year, give a person with concise line and beautiful mark with pure and fresh with fine feeling, betray the bottom energy of life with Qatar very airline and confidence.

The dimensions exhibiting a stage of Qatar airline makes an appointment with 72 square metre. Seat of cabin of 2 business affairs exhibited on the stage, the person that look around in order to offer experiences. Qatar airline is long excellent group also is in the machine of negative great reputation exhibit appear on the meeting, the engine room that brings 5 stars level for the passenger serves.

The airliner of Qatar airline is daily and roundtrip Yuduoha and Osaka Guan Xiguo border airport (Osaka Kansai International Airport, abbreviation " close on the west the airport " ) between. In the meantime, the passenger also can share a plan through code, head for Tokyo Haneda International Airport (Tokyo Haneda International Airport, abbreviation " Haneda airport " ) .

With a ha come more Osaka course debutted formally in April 2005, first airliner time is every week 4. Last year in March, frequency of this course airliner is adjusted for daily 1 (namely every week 7) . Current, osaka course used the most advanced airbus A330 plane, include seat of cabin of 24 business affairs and place of 259 tourist class among them.
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