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Big Han aviation will be offerred for the passenger " flight art ambassador " se
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Big Han aviation will be offerred for the passenger " flight art ambassador " service

Rise on Monday from October 13, limited company of big Han aviation (Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd, the following abbreviation " big Han Hang is empty " ) on partial flight number choose the personnel that multiply Wu to will be offerred for the passenger especially " flight art ambassador " service. These " artistic ambassador " provide the passenger that helps to need museum of concerned destination city, optimal visiting course, artist and move renown the information such as work of art.

This year in Feburary, big Han Hang is empty to float of French Paris Lu palace museum supported system of multimedia tourist guide, begin to provide this service on the airliner that flies to Paris from March. After service limits is patulous, big Han aviation will be in those who fly to London, Amsterdam, Madrid and Ren Chuan offer on the airliner " artistic ambassador " service.

On the airliner that flies to Ren Chuan, artistic ambassadors still will use the handbook of urban tourist guide that big Han aviation releases, introduce the case of Korea museum, culture and travel tourist attraction.

Since past half an year, big Han aviation is in those who undertake artistic ambassador to groom all the time the job, according to 5 choose the scale winkle of one 109 artistic ambassadors, this includes to had obtained degree in culture art respect among them, museum explains or the participate person of experience of work of cultural relic management, still have the artist that once had sponsorred individual art to exhibit even. These artistic ambassadors were accepted online and groom from the line, content is the circumstance that a museum and a holding work of art and Tibet taste an author. As groom curricular complete a course, will come 10 days on October 9, these 109 steward still attended special seminar.

Since since this service will be rolled out March this year, the passenger that Paris goes to before having many 2300 understands museum of palace of concerned Lu float, Orsay and other name to get the better of the information of the tourist attraction through this kind of means. After the city such as afterwards London, Amsterdam and Madrid, big Han aviation still plans next year to extend this service wait for destination city to new York, Vienna, Sanket and Rome.

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