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Airbus company holds contest of originality of industry of global undergraduate
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Airbus company (Airbus S.A.S. ) the undergraduate that faces global each district rolls out a theme to be " make your originality volant fly high " (Fly Your Ideas) contest of global undergraduate originality, the concept that encourages undergraduates to take out innovation comes the grandiose blue print of technology of aviation of future of draw the outline of, how to build industry of environmental protection aviation to offer bold think of a way especially, let the effect that while aviation industry is creating higher value for the society, utmost ground reduces pair of environments.

This the contest faces the student of school of all old technical secondary school of global each district, no matter be undergraduate students, Master,survival is a doctoral student, what also learn without giving thought to is what major, include project, sale, commerce, science, philosophy and design. Agonistic theme covers range very wide, include new-style material, product and / or production, organization and performance of flow, plane, operation function.

Victorious standard is the new originality that puts forward has the biggest improvement latent capacity. Victorious team will be obtained gross the bonus of 30000 euro. Take part in the match the team should pass competition many rounds the match of sex of extremely intense, rich challenge, the Parisian boat that finals will hold in June 2009 undertakes between exhibition period.

Airbus company president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Thoms Enders expresses: "' make your originality volant fly high ' the contest offerred the opportunity that cooperates with airbus company for broad student. We can share their new think of a way together, the future that shapes aviation industry develops pattern. The future that shapes aviation industry develops pattern..

The total controller that airbus company is in charge of the executive vice-president of the project to hold this contest concurrently Petrick Jiawen (Patrick Gavin) the explanation says: "As an environmental protection enterprise, airbus company gains banner advantage through urging development and the advanced solution that provide environmental protection. Pass our undergraduate originality contest, we hope to introduce new originality and concept in work of long-term technology development. We devote oneself to to develop new technology all the time, ensure aviation is carried continue to become environmental protection model carriage means, offerring economic value while the effect that utmost ground reduces pair of environments. Offerring economic value while the effect that utmost ground reduces pair of environments..

Airbus company is the civil aircraft manufacturer with banner whole world, have modernization, comprehensive aircraft range of products, include to arrive from 100 class the each level plane of 500 class. Airbus company holds water at 20 centuries 70 time, up to now, company already to the whole world many 390 client is mixed user work off many 9100 plane, among them many 5300 successful already consign. The company exceeds 25 billion euro in the sales revenue 2007. Airbus company has design and manufacturing base in France, Germany, England and Spain, wholy-owned subsidiary is owned in the United States, China, Japan and middle east area, share 56000 employee that come from the whole world to make an appointment with 80 different countries, it is the global company of a be worthy of the name.
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