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Tycoon of aviation manufacturing industry answers the influence that financial c
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Although the influence of global banking crisis still is in,diffuse, but airbus of aviation production tycoon appears unhurried. "We have order of many 4000 reserve, new this year order also will achieve 800 or so. Our productivity won't be affected. " airbus company (Airbus S.A.S. ) the president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Thoms Enders day is forward the reporter that visits Lu Ci of airbus headquarters graph expresses.

Favor Si Tan bear, current financial crisis had produced certain effect to the airbus. The financing that is like airline and finance support respect can be affected, the passenger also may reduce a travel, this can be affected undoubtedly henceforth the order of a few years of new aircrafts.

Up to now, respect of airbus, Boeing all did not divulge airline cancels the information of order or requirement delay consign. Airbus respect says, plane delivery capacity will create new record this year, achieve many 470. The reporter inquires Boeing website discovers, up to on October 7, the order number that Boeing acquires is 623, the order that cancel has two only, a Boeing 737, a Boeing 787.

Prospective wh what month, can airline cancels order or the amount of delay consign show growth? Build in cast Li Lei of negotiable securities analyst to think, degree of order prediction of a person's luck in a given year basically depends on of financial crisis go situation. Because cancel order to will pay taller penalty due to breach of contract, airline until the last moment, should meet consign of apt choice delay.

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