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American mainland airline the 3rd season turns for deficit 236 million dollar
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Beijing time Zhou Si (16 days) late 23:32 message, american mainland airline (Continental Airlines Inc. ) announce, season of the 3rd money from last year the gain of the corresponding period 241 million dollar, add up to every 2.15 dollars, turn for deficit 236 million dollar, add up to every 2.14 dollars, as a result of,the reason is of fuel cost rise, and the loss that hurricane Ike causes.

After deducting one-time pay, this company is become season every deficit 1.32 dollars, under Shang Sen the road shows the 1.55 dollars that the analyst of investigation anticipates on average. Quarterly battalion closes grew nearly 9% , to 4.16 billion dollar, the 4.11 billion dollar that prep above analyst anticipates on average.

Hurricane Ike brings about the month on Houston airport to be shut more than two days, make mainland airline loss the operation gain of about 50 million dollar.

In addition, because oil price will wander in left and right sides of every pails of 150 dollars for a time July, this company raised when season fuel cost 68% , reach 1.5 billion dollar.

But as oil price of later period of the 3rd season drop, mainland airline is right the is just the opposite to what one wished to arriving since strong strategy effect of high oil price, bring about its plan the fuel that entered 63 million dollar is right strong deficit.

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