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Full inspection team is in Dong Hangan examination of department of northwest br
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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 15, 2008 message: On October 15, company of group of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Air Holding Co. , the following abbreviation " Dong Hang group " ) vice-president Chen Hai brings up group to be in China Oriental aviation Inc. (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) of Yun Xiaocong of Di Daren of northwest branch general manager, vise general manager accompany come down to check directive work to flight department. Inspection team group runs the function department such as place, technical government office above all, listened to the working report of relevant controller, right safe workbench of minute book of account, flight fill in, the executive circumstance of standard, system had serious examination. Check group of daily to flight department safety to managed working circumstance to undertake affirmation, hope flight department continues to develop rigorous, meticulous work way, perfect inadequacy, make safety administration works to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

Afternoon 3 when, chen Hai brings up vice-president group to come to flight department 3 buildings assembly room and air man delegate had have an informal discussion. Old vice-president expressed to express sympathy and solicitude for and be thanked to air man on behalf of group company above all, he points out: Before Dong Hang 3 quarters carried smooth safe state, safe achievement leans in the rank in group of 3 big aviation before, the taking of achievement profit from is broad of flight personnel arduous pay and altruistic dedication.

On the informal discussion, air man represents vigorous speech, problem and difficulty were encountered to talk about respective view in moving currently, offerred opinion and proposal, old vice-president is careful listen respectfully while, often be deeply concerned ground inquiry, refer with respect to these problems commentate and communicate. When informal discussion drawing near ends, old vice-president raised a requirement to flight department work, he points out: It is group company currently " fight bravely 100 days to ensure public security truly annual " crucial period, various cadre wants flight department steady work, be on guard safe hidden trouble, reach safety col, ensure safety works no risk at all, realize each safe target to make contribution in the round for group company.