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Northeast management board and Jilin are superintended do go to Nahang Jilin boa
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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 16, 2008 message: On October 16, management board of district of northeast of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " northeast management board " ) the team of secure job inspection that supervises administrative office composition jointly with safety of Jilin civil aviaton will to Na Hang boat feed Jilin branch, fulfil ranking and secure job to indicate a condition to be being carried out since branch the beginning of the year, " regulations is fulfilled year " , " 100 days of safe contests " , " in good health cup " the activity such as the contest, reach " hind Olympic Games " of secure job began a circumstance to have comprehensive examination.

Boat of the boat austral inspection team development feeds Jilin branch to produce a gleam of, had detailed inquiry to running medium key segment, produced moving circumstance to undertake be discharginged seriously checking to the spot; In the meantime, good to do " hind Olympic Games " each secure job raised specific requirement. Since inspection team listened to Na Hang boat to feed Jilin branch to lead pair of the beginning of the year, secure job begins the report of the circumstance, organized basic level employee to have have an informal discussion, personnel attends the meeting to make a speech eagerly in process of have an informal discussion, speak out freely, the proposal that offerred a lot of production, moving respect to make very safe work and opinion, informal discussion result gets inspection team agrees reputably. The safety administration job that feeds Jilin branch to Na Hang boat at the same time offerred sufficient affirmation.

Graph 2: Inspection team makes a speech eagerly in personnel of constituent informal discussion attending the meeting