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Branch of Dong Hang Gansu Province is begun actively " fight bravely 100 days "
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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 17, 2008 message: Since this year, inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) Gansu Province branch falls in the right leader of civil aviaton Party Committee of all levels, implement the important directive that the Party Central Committee, the State Council works to safety seriously, fulfil a series of directive requirements of ranking and secure job in the round, hold to adamantinely " safety first, precaution is given priority to, integrated processing " guiding principle does not shake, from proceed with of safe foundation job, rigor organizes a leader, firm catchs safe education, stringent regulations is fulfilled, strengthen supervisory examination, pay attention to education to groom, carry out management by objectives, fulfil safe responsibility, reach is on guard col, tamp security base. Pass the joint efforts of all cadre and employee, realized safe flight 15 years, successive the accident that 14 years 8 0 months put an end to aircrew person to be a reason is symptomatic, assured flight, air defence and aviation ground safety. To ensure the abidance that brings whole situation is smooth, realize the 15th aviation to install annual, branch of boat Gansu Province decides east, serious inside entire company limits organization is begun " fight bravely 100 days, ensure public security truly annual " activity.

Finish annual smoothly to ensure each project bid, to assure " fight bravely 100 days " of the activity begin in order, branch of Dong Hang Gansu Province established an activity technically to lead group and its office to organize leader kimono Wu to coach with aggrandizement.

Branch of Dong Hang Gansu Province two class Party committee is layer upon layer after arousing, continue to enlarge conduct propaganda with the form such as banner, board newspaper, department of flight of branch of boat Gansu Province joins this unit east actual condition, make mobile plan, make clear target responsibility. Hold touch an educational mass rally, made clear support of the people of mobile content, target, specific responsibility to implement measure, ask departmental door analyses safe situation seriously, collect, activity of comment and appraise develops a case, the attention discovers the issue that takes tendentiousness and hidden trouble symptom, specific aim ground raises measure and requirement.

Change garments according to the season of safeguard of winter of union of department of maintenance of plane of branch of Dong Hang Gansu Province, autumn winter and groom etc the work is real, have specific aim make maintenance ensure safety precaution and steady work measure.

Market of branch of boat Gansu Province sells a ministry to organize market sale and personnel of carry out ticket to hold special subject meeting east, how does discussion research finish the income job of 10-12 month, enacted specific measure. It is course is mixed accuse trend of market of personnel rigor monitoring, reasonable adjust each cabin seat or berth to distributing, conform with the market; 2 be establish good client relationship with agent, strengthen the monitoring of pair of procuratorial sale status; 3 it is to continue to strengthen the connection with unit of office of province, city, assure to want the passenger of expensive shipping space such as the guest to choose Dong Hang airliner to go out row; 4 it is each sell booking office to want to produce its effect continuously, enhance market competition ability ceaselessly; 5 it is to had defended card of big client, bullion and constant guest member with all one's strength, to group client high-level service should promote higher administrative levels, fixed pay a return visit, monitoring its seize the opportunity probability.
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