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Chinese boat oil is long treat supply a station to finish 08 Qiu Dong change gar
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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 17, 2008 message: To strengthen safe production further, ensure autumn winter equipment moves normally, branch of Chinese boat oily Taiyuan is long treat the Qiu Dong change garments according to the season that supplied a station to spread out to supply oily facilities equipment in succession since September to work. All cadre worker overcomes an airliner close, task weighs much, time wait for difficulty, guide in what supply station leader below, abandon breathing space actively, use Saturday, weekday works overtime, through the effort of a month, each job was finished smoothly recently.

During this, long treat supply element of station oil storage to use send and receive oily clearance, clean filter of discharge oil, hair-oil each one, change filter core 12, detached filter core did water pouring test, safeguard oil pump 3 will stage, all valve change dish of root, undertake to 6 oilcan blowdown is put heavy, undertook oilcan bottom oil tastes quality to check the work. Cheer group staff to offer oil in safeguard airliner, changed watch of oily car pressure, cleaned pressure connect mesh, oily car and garage. Oily character was strengthened to measure an examination while integrated band is finishing routine, exit of oilcan of hair-oil filter, will oily car, filter does diaphragm test respectively, result all eligible. Below everybody's joint efforts, this job of change garments according to the season obtained actual effect, long treat supply a station facilities of of all kinds facilities all is in kilter at present