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Boat oily sea pulls Er to supply a station to pass audit of safety of China nort
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Boat oily sea pulls Er to supply a station to pass audit of safety of China north bureau smoothly in

Net of civil aviaton resource on October 17, 2008 message: A few days ago, the countryman uses management board of district of aviation China north in (abbreviation " China north management board " ) safe audit team to Hailaerdong hill airport and each were stationed in an unit to have safe audit, chinese boat is oily Hailaer supplies branch of limited company Inner Mongolia station (the following abbreviation " Hailaer supplies a station " ) pass audit smoothly with outstanding achievement of 96.41 minutes.

Huang Dengke of director of management board of audit group group leader, China north supplies a station to express congratulation smoothly through safe audit to Hailaer, he was sure Hailaer supplies a station to be in especially in safe moving character adequately the progress that ensures safety to raise place of service quality field to obtain, supply a station to Hailaer " standardization management, standardization works " gave height the opinion. He hopes to supply a station to will continue to had done the following work henceforth: It is to finish sequel to rectify and reform seriously, by audit the report asks to be referred inside formulary time rectify and reform a plan and finish by time limit rectify and reform; 2 it is to be after safe audit, answer to suggest to improve its to be not worth stage by stage according to the security that offers in audit, and promotion, feedback comes other supply a station, make great efforts on management, implementation expands to produce and last safe double target; 3 it is the lesson that should draw latter domestic and international insecure incident, firm establish " safety first, precaution is given priority to, administer integratedly " idea, strengthen investment of equipment of constituent leader, Training Within Industry, facilities, integrated processing, comb safety administration flaw further, make up for inadequacy, do very safe safeguard especially oil of winter flight boat supplies safety to guarantee the job, raise safe moving level.

2008 is medium branch of boat oily Inner Mongolia supplies station standardization to manage year, hailaer supplies a station to be chance with this, normative respect of each production notes fills in standard, give the case of job of each safe production that supplies a station through recording real report, supply a station in personnel oily monthly of little, boat sends and receive a quantity to achieve pass the history new tall below the circumstance of 3 kiloton, facilities of facilities of oily to cheering car, oil pump, electric machinery, discharge station and oilcan accessory still insist to maintain on schedule safeguard, improved efficiency of equipment safety movement greatly, ensured boat oil strongly to supply safety.

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