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Boat Beijing carry points to a 3 quarters news south propagandist work is succes
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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 17, 2008 message: On October 17, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) Beijing branch runs command post (abbreviation " carry points to a ministry " ) held conduct propaganda of 3 quarters news to report summary is met. 2008 7-9 month, boat Beijing branch carry shows the ministry is finished south external press 171, among them net of resource of network media civil aviaton 76, website of news of Chinese civil aviaton 11, chinese aviation net 28, website of Chinese civil aviaton 47; The press media " newspaper office of Chinese civil aviaton " print stalks of grain 2, " southern aviation signs up for " 7 (two in the front article of the front page. ) , effectively served branch of Na Hang Beijing to reform development overall situation.

2008 3 quarters, just meet abstruse meeting is in the 29th Olympic Games, incomplete Beijing is held, carry shows the ministry tackles this one subject closely, news propaganda work ensures medium safety around the airliner, move, groom, each center such as benefit, reform works, cooperate Dang Jiansai to think culture of political job, company is built, add close cut down expense, of the job such as labour union and the Youth League begin, fulfil responsibility, serious deploy, decompose index, advance actively, begin news solidly to publicize the job deep, establish carry to point to figure of enterprising of ministry acute meaning external, foster the good atmosphere that reform development, harmony enters in all internally, better result was obtained on news conduct propaganda.

On the meeting, how does the reporter increase news acumen sex, publication draft quality, medium the content such as the select material of draft rate, news has a technology communication, everybody to finishing press task was full of confidence 2008. Made deploy to issueing the newspapering of one phase -- the center that points to a ministry around branch of Na Hang Beijing and carry cheek by jowl works, flight of key attention a gleam of signs the mental scene of the member that send, draw up newer different, vivid, plump report; Stress good manuscript quality energetically, guide reporter write for a magazine to be in " high-quality goods " the concentrate one's efforts on the manuscript, strive for should break through somewhat in four quarters job; Had built further " groomed window " internal publication and carry show ministry website publicizes platform twice this, to push reform, safeguard stable solidarity, compose to build harmonious carry to show the ministry builds good public opinion atmosphere, initiate the new phase that branch of Na Hang Beijing carries press pointing to a ministry works hard.

Finally, carry shows department leader emphasized news publicizing the job to be in the main effect of the conduct propaganda, education, idea that conducts employee, point out newspapering wants to be begun around the main job of branch of Na Hang Beijing and strategic goal clearly, propagandist work also should develop innovation job train of thought ceaselessly, the reporter should draw up the core value of news, want those who have depth to reflect carry to point to an overall job train of thought, provide a service effectively for construction of hub of Na Hang Beijing.
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