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Discount off the lowest ticket Yichang 2.8
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10 dollars can fly! From Beijing to Shenyang, as long as 70 per ticket? Recently, some domestic airline discount ticket prices set off a wave of so many people resist Yichang. But the reporter learned yesterday, visited, Yichang Three Gorges Airport for departure flight schedules and the various traffic and other reasons, the current minimum discount tickets only 2.8 fold, without a discount ticket sales.

Frequently travel off-season discount tickets

Log in ticket query network news and found to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places machine fare is only 1 off the original price, and went to Qingdao and Luoyang, and even appeared in an off the following ticket.

Airlines told reporters in November, December has always been the low season for the aviation market, discount tickets in previous years, the phenomenon will also appear, but the situation is particularly acute this year. Public, business and reduce passenger traffic, tourist flow less, discounted tickets hard to avoid. But if according to 100 yuan, 200 yuan fare calculation, even if the aircraft at full strength, profitability is difficult, let alone take the case of dissatisfaction. Ticket prices collapsed mainly due to reduced passenger traffic, while the ultra-low prices so that airline in a dilemma situation.

No less a discount flight tickets Yichang

With domestic air ticket price surges, Yichang Three Gorges Airport flight ticket prices in all there have been more substantial price cuts. Yichang 5 discount from Beijing, and even individual routes has also introduced a 4 fold, 3.5 fold lower discount, but not a discount ticket sales.

Reporter visited the ticket office should be aware of the airlines, general discounts flights Yichang at about 5 fold, the minimum discount for China Eastern to launch Shanghai, Yichang, 30 days in advance booking of 2.8 fold.

"At present, fewer flights the Three Gorges Airport, so the discount airline tickets discount rate is no other big cities." Civil aviation ticket office staff Yichang through inquiry, told reporters that no one currently Yichang discount ticket sales, and said there can be a break in Yichang such a low ticket sales.