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Should an outpost of the tax office correctly to passing visa smoothly

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Application goes abroad study abroad, from make a plan, prepare data, application school, application visa, need passes countless toll-gate, among them, visa is a toll-gate of the most difficult exceed. Once visa application is rejected, the effort before be being meant is entire all one's efforts wasted. In recent years, a few popular study abroad visa policy of the country is slashing with each passing day: The rate catching a lot that Chinese student goes to the United States to study abroad drops to 60% ; Study abroad the rate of Japan that catch a lot is only 15% ; The rate catching a lot of the country such as Canada, England, Australia also has the fall of different level. Refus autograph, already became Chinese student to study abroad on the road " number one killer " . According to the analysis, cause the cause of this kind of current situation, it is to get global economy on one hand low fan, the influence with turbulent condition, each country tightens up visa policy in succession; But mainer reason comes from applicant oneself. Former United States is stationed in China Mr He Dewei that embassy is in charge of visa general affairs expresses, visa official cares 3 problems most: Whether does applicant go abroad to learn; Whether does applicant have reliable tuitional source; Whether does applicant have emigrant tendency. To these problems, without uniform judge standard, complete the subjective impression by visa official. In the student that is signed by refus, because cannot make visa official believes,the person of 90% above is, oneself are an eligible applicant. In addition, offer false data, record of formal schooling too low, age slants to wait for a reason greatly, make applicant is included visa officer possibly " blacklist " . Below, let us look, what person is in " blacklist " on rate giving looking glass is top. Attention, avoid to rank only among them, just walk out of visa predicament likely.
Of analytic visa official " blacklist "
Blacklist " crowd one: The person that application material makes a holiday
Case: Some applicant, high school graduates, the university entrance exam 380 minutes, the application after Ceng Xian studies abroad England and New Zealand, because do sth without authorization revised result of the university entrance exam, be maintained by visa official the data that its provide is truthless, create refus lot for many times.
Analysis: Sincere letter is humanness this, western country takes sincere letter problem seriously very much. In visa cognizance process, once discover the act that make a holiday, even if change period of efficacy of school advice note such " bagatelle " , will be signed by refus, and stay possibly still " case bottom " , forfeit from now on study abroad future. Be stationed in according to Canada China embassy visa official discloses, study abroad at present in application, false data rate is very high, occupy 30%~50% about, these people pass visa examine and verify impossibly; Application studies abroad in Chinese student of England, the because of fake document agreement that is signed by refus is occupied 30% ; Once the visa official of New Zealand maintains application material to have a problem, applicant will be affixed " moral has a problem " label.

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