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2006 leave the United States to continue to warm up guideline of visa leaving th
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The United States is Chinese student all the time study abroad first selection ground, according to institute of American country education newest statistic makes clear, the whole world has the student studying abroad of 1/3 to get education in the United States, the number is amounted to nearly 500 thousand, among them Chinese student place occupies scale to exceed 15% . On Feburary 28, 2006, jamieFouss of official of American embassy visa discloses when speaking of policy of the newest visa that go to the United States, inside the half an year in the past, the percent of pass of visa of Chinese application United States is 76% , state this one word still will continue to rise clearly. American embassy continued to encourage visa applicant to fill in 2006 visa electron files form. Since January 1, 2006, be about to apply for to go to the United States to study abroad the applicant of visa is asked to hand over electronic visa to file form.
It is very important that visa prepares to have enough fund
Beijing century Bai Le studies abroad the Liu Dongfeng of senior expert leaving the United States of advisory company introduces, website of Chinese of government of American diplomatic mission leaves beautiful visa to all applicant declared 3 big principles: One, the student that you are a true qualification; 2, you have stable, enough finance is aided financially or economic origin pays to leave tuition to use in the beauty; 3, you do not have emigrant tendency.
Whether are you the student of a true qualification?
Here basically considers your study motive. Is you go to the United States to read? This process that read perhaps is opposite as a result are you necessary? Important? Is helpful? Visa official is met the major from you, current job, academic setting, the respect such as life setting undertakes quizing. For instance, you learn Gu Zheng, that looks in visa official your study sense to the United States may be not great. In addition, if you go to the United States wanting to change major study, visa official also is to be able to compare attention, raise a few relevant questions, want to think more before visa so, find out the study motive of fair and reasonable.
Whether do you have enough economic actual strength to pay to leave tuition to use in the beauty?
This also is very important together, it the investment that in check you go to the United States to study abroad yields than. If you to go to school east go all out borrow on the west, be heavily in debt, visa official can consider above all, how do you return these money? You can stay probably in the United States to work in order to repay this debt. After telling visa official graduate, you can be in China the yearly salary that takes 1 million above, they won't believe what you say. If you won the sum of American university or half forehead fellowship, so visa official won't pester you on capital problem too long. But to complete at one's own expenses, the problem is opposite a lot of more, unless you open the abundant financial capacity proof that comes from directly-related members of one's family -parents, and the famous school that those who go up is the United States; May encounter a lot of problems otherwise.
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