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False labour signs the error that endangers visa of job of big student studying
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Annual in April, in June, in December, the student studying abroad that has thousands of from public university, the major that the school differs individually graduates. Continue besides those enter a higher school or go back to the motherland directly the student of obtain employment, great majority student studying abroad is in can take degree, diploma smoothly, attend the commencement while, face bigger challenge and pressure.

According to the regulation of Canadian immigration office, below the Offer premise that takes employer, the student studying abroad can apply for the working visa that by a definite date goes to two years to Canadian government. Most student takes working experience of this year seriously very much, because of this not only can acquire a lot of valuable practical experience, still apply for emigrant key later.

But, in the process that applies for a job in the student studying abroad, difficult and heavy, a lot of companies because the problem of the identity their close the door on. Do not take Offer, cannot apply for working visa, immigrant of prep let alone obtains the status of North America, how is the family of ardent hope explained to home? Finally, try hard in what pass a few months infructuous after having labour, some students must take piece of false Offer to apply for working visa.

Although, from apparently look, this kind of Offer saw a pressing need really, make a student OK continue to stay in Canada, also had the qualification that applies for immigrant later. But, deeper one sees essence, the harm sex of false job is extremely tremendous, and far-reaching.

Above all, it is the uncertainty of false job. Such working Offfer often is private small company, mill leaves come out, very big without giving thought to,one part employer lets go after getting money, prep let alone is student pay insurance, pay taxes. It is even after a few months, cannot find even the company. Such, when the student is applying for immigrant after, hand over very hard piece successive the salary proof of 12 months, the influence that applies for to immigrant cans be imagined. Additional, when emigrant application is handed over after going up, emigrant ministry can survey working experience likely. Because the holiday is versed in the lot need not go to work, the person in the company did not know you, in investigation give weak point very easily.

Next, go up from economy in light of, the investment of false job is not certain company commitment is mere 1, 1000 yuan 2 just. Normally, the student still needs to pay the pay taxes of every month, connect even originally employer also should pay of pay by him student partly then. E.g. , income of the lowest that install a province is probably 1300 yuan / month, according to this base, the student still needs every months additional pay about 300 yuan to come pay tax evaded, it is 3600 yuan a year. And the educational setting according to most student and record of formal schooling, such minimum wage looks apparent in the immigration office not quite reasonable still. Conversely, true job won't exist completely any potential pay, the student still can take salary to make money.
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