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Official of visa of American diplomatic mission talks about visa success skill
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Compere: The China that I think to this learns to wanting to go to the United States more very much is a good news for the student, likelihood the policy of this respect everybody somewhat hear of. Next we are asked outstanding bright gentleman follows us specific the problem that often encounters easily in the everybody in visa a little and settlement way.  
Netizen: The visa going to the United States that I applied for one year last year, apply for again this year, excuse me whether need not face autograph?  

Jamie Fouss: If he had obtained visa last year, do not need to come again this year interview, bank of the letter in searching submits application in that, by in it is OK that letter bank submits application again to us.  

Compere: This netizen gets replyinged. Ask outstanding bright gentleman, be signed by refus 25% be because,basically what?  

Jamie Fouss: A bit very important, everybody should know American law, they make a decision is a law that is based on the United States, this law clause calls 214B, the clause of immigration laws, each come over to apply for the visa applicant of interview, according to law they are to have emigrant tendency, unless they can prove to visa official, make visa official satisfactory, they do not have emigrant tendency, the reason that is rejected when visa applicant is main apply for to visa official interview because of them, because they think,continue to work in the United States namely.  

Each visa applicant is in interview when, before visa official, the situation of each person is different, each student situation is different, each parent situation also is different, we want a foundation in light of the case visa applicant, visitting his relative in the United States is overmuch, he has enough economy to come burden he travels this, force him to be able to come back after short-term visit, he has a very good job here, if he goes to the United States reading, after he has a very good reason to be able to make he read in the United States, that can return China to come, these are the issues that we should consider.  

Netizen: It is important that the account that is signed by refus excuse me has many with the relation of capital?  

Jamie Fouss: This also is to want a foundation the case of the case will decide, elderly a few people are already for instance emeritus perhaps, they may do not have so much pension but to us, if they see the children that they are in the United States, this is a very normal thing. But we are in China a few builder his pay is not very high, we can feel he plans to go to abroad earning money possibly, the job. Not be to see you how many money can earn money, basically be the income that treats a more reasonable securing.  

Compere: Do this fixed income and the latent capacity in the future concern? I what I can anticipate that is to say possibly in the future can earn the student that ensures me to how many money to go back to the motherland, matter with this? Still say already the amount of some capital?  
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