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Application H-1B visa is basic knowledge
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H-1B visa is belonged to be not immigrant visa, it is the foreigner is temporarily in a kind of special major be worked in the beauty by American employer employ. This are special and professional it is to point to more advanced technical knowledge, ask to have bachelor above degree at least commonly, manage like science of building, project, maths, physics, society, medicine and health, education, commerce, accountant statistic, law, theology and art is special major.

The strength of foreign nationality person that can gain H-1B visa in 2005 financial year at present is 65 thousand. 2001, 2002, quota of 2003 financial year ever rose temporarily 195 thousand.

H-1B identity needs to American employer applies for for you. Employer must to fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of Ministry of Labour " labor situation application form " , prove the position salary forehead, case that gets hire hands to make, hand over I-129 to express application to the immigration office.

Current, h-1B identity the longest can maintain 6 years, unless accord with a condition to apply for delay to be approved, otherwise holder must leave a country just can apply for H-1B afresh after a year. In the foreign nationality person that the department of defense works, its H-1B identity can maintain 10 years. Holder can go back and forth between the United States for many times inside visa period of efficacy, also can apply for to turn for green card.

H-1B identity person the American employer that can apply for this identity to replace him only works, and working property the activity of record and narrate of the place in form of application of be confined to. Meantime allows to change the job, but new employer must present application form case for him beforehand.