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Swiss diplomatic mission: Switzerland studies abroad visa requirement and common
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You need to apply for student visa, ability is undertaken by admit Switzerland attend school. Whole process is the longest can amount to 3 months, because this is asked,begin to deal with as early as possible. Want to get visa, what need measure to be as follows:

Applicant of conduction student visa must offer the following document and interpret becomes English, french, heart article or Italian article:

1. Application

Application goes to Swiss student visa, applicant must oneself personally Xiang Ruishi embassy / Swiss consulate general submits the following document:

Triplet is used in detail flower, law, heart or Italian article had filled enter a country application form (with typewriter or blue, black garden bead pen fills in) , the student signs and dated (form can download from the net: &Nbsp;Visa Application Form)

Photograph of passport of 3 pieces of near futures (color or black and white all but)

Passport 1---6 pages photocopy, with etc all visa photocopy 3

What choose the admission notice of the school, an original, 2 photocopy

The applicant's sufficient financing proves (if the bank assures, bank deposit proves) , an original, 2 photocopy;

Certificate of record of formal schooling or proof (must be in notarization by notarization, add French or German translation) , an original, 2 photocopy;

Resume (foreign language) , sign by him student, fully 3;

Study plans (foreign language) , sign by him student, fully 3;

The study in the future plans (foreign language) , content about the professional tendency after Swiss finish school, show oneself can have from inside attend school in the future why be benefited, fully 3. Must sign by him student.

The applicant is in personally this " requirement " sign on contains statement, this beard is in Swiss diplomatic mission / finish before the official that get a house;

Complete Chinese and English address, include zip code and telephone number, so that mail,get in touch;

Schoolteaching language must be offerred for English student effective elegant think of achievement original

Certificate fee (55 Switzerland franc, pay with the RMB, at present everybody is 350 yuan, receive 60 yuan of postage that return a lot additionally. Ask pocket money of provide for oneself, diplomatic mission is not set search 0. In principle is told, the passport can mail applicant, and do not need an applicant to kiss self-invited diplomatic mission to get, mail sends the applicant's EMS fare, in Chinese churchyard it is 30 yuan of RMBs, mongolia country is 140 yuan of RMBs)

Ask an attention, make French, the student Switzerland diplomatic mission of German or Italian interview / get a house to collect interview fee.

If need, switzerland is stationed in China embassy / Switzerland is stationed in Shanghai consulate general to will ask the applicant provides other and additional data. Ask an attention, the student that has knowledge of good foreign language only (English, German, French or Italian) can submit application data.
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