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Does the United States study abroad where is visa " difficult " ?
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Say the United States does not welcome Chinese student studying abroad on the net, is this true? " " go to the United States studying abroad, how can you just obtain visa smoothly? " on April 4 afternoon, in go to the United States to study abroad visa specification is met on, come from the United States to be stationed in China senior official Jeffrey Loree accepted the vice-consul Vlad Lipschutz of embassy, Michael Clausen and center of communication of education of the culture in the United States face-to-face to come from complete province each district of many 200 student and parent " torturous " .

Senior official Jeffrey Loree says center of communication of education of the culture in the United States, chinese student thinks generally to want to take American visa difficulty very big, actually the practice giving a lot of certain impropriety and place of a few misunderstanding cause this.

According to introducing, the student wants to close through 4 before visa official only, can obtain the visa that long for day and night: It is true application material. A few try to emigrate to often taking sham file, bogus invitation letter and fictional bank proof to apply for the window to American person, but the consequence that makes a holiday is very serious, that is signed by refus forever likely namely. 2 it is comprehensive study plan. The plan after some applicants go back to the motherland to finish school is lacked mature, the impression that this leaves to visa official is met very flooey; Of course also one part student may have very good plan, but cannot undertake explanatory with English when interview. 3 it is to should sufficient financing supports finish school. Student visa applicant must prove to visa official its family has sufficient financing to pay education fee, need not work in the United States can finish school. But, no matter whether the applicant obtains scholarship, visa official is met treat equally without discrimination, won't " embarrassed " at one's own expenses student studying abroad. 4 it is firm " sanction " . To visa official, another when need an attention serious problem is an applicant have without emigrant tendency, whether to plan go back to the motherland in the future. Firm " sanction " because of country, city and individual circumstance different and different. "Sanction " it is to point to force you to be in home or all sorts of relations that live somewhere, for instance belongings, profession, society and family concern, the individual's job and income, residence or apartment, car, close family member reachs bank deposit to wait to be included. Because young applicant cannot establish these relationships, situation of the precise intent that visa official is about to examine them to go to the United States, family reachs his to plan to mix in long-term development of home foreground.

Nevertheless, to a lot of students that do not have visa to apply for experience, even if was had afore-mentioned asked at 4 o'clock, how elaborating the overall condition that is clear about oneself to visa official also is an issue that cannot ignore. Below this kind of circumstance, the student needs commonly endowment embed learns an expert to make all-around directive fixed position to his visa.
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