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Study abroad experience: of department of Wu of of ぶ of ┲ of of of regretf
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Learning is not bagatelle affection, the preparative numerous and complicated that should do before is complex, not be economy or the preparation of a certain single field such as achievement, material, body and mind wants whole side ground to arm rise.
Avoid the private proposal that is signed by refus

Money young lady

Study abroad destination: The United States

Application is professional: Law

Because I obtained the sum scholarship of American school, so greatly leave out a lot of economy burdens and other trouble, I need to do file money order namely, drive financial capacity proof, change collect wait for preparation. A lot of people can say those who take to American visa is the most difficult, the fact is such really, but investigate its reason actually not complex also however, say simply even if visa official thinks you have emigrant tendency. So, want to obtain American visa smoothly, want to be aimed at this reason suit the remedy to the case namely. Bypass is other do not talk, obtain visa to the student studying abroad only for, I have a few small opinion however.

Above all, visitting the school that you apply for is what class. If of your application is top-ranking, the university of famous brand, so take advanced courses and visa official is willing to believe you are to study purely more is not to borrowing read nominal seek going abroad is emigrant, of course, the more outstanding university also jumps over difficult application; But if the school is the United States only 3 flow, the 4 universities that flow, so you are suspected probably to have impure intention, why did from a great distance go abroad to choose the school of not up to much to take advanced courses however? Once be suspected possibly so,have emigrant tendency and be overruled by one ticket.

Next, see fellowship. Obtain the student of fellowship, contrast of economic responsibility appearance is lighter, perhaps go reading because too short of money and the condition is vivid,won't not go down, of course, of wins scholarship how many very relative also, the student of entire award more be trusted; And the commoner to doing not have fellowship, visa official proved with respect to the financial capacity that basically sees its prepare. Family circumstances of some students itself rich, property is rich, the somebody in the home is in business, or him applicant has had old working experience, have good economic base, so these are not bad. But if some students are money of collect of the live frugaly in the home,come out to study for its, so after visa official can think this student went to the United States, the affirmation in the home assumes its maintenance feebly, so him student meets him look for an opportunity to earn money certainly, bedraggled school work perhaps is only study abroad regard as a cover, refus is signed also with respect to unavoidable.

Additional, see applicant home concern how. If its are married, perhaps concern with parental family very good, leave his native place unlikelily, leave home abandon child, so the odds that pass is bigger; But young and lone perhaps arrived comfortable marriage age however tardy not the personage of marriage, face refus lot probably. The probability that the young and maiden girl that I know is signed by refus is very big still.
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