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Experience communication: The American visa in my eye
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American visa is the most difficult for quite a long time one of, a lot of people are not quite clear of visa fiducial what be, what kind of can sign, what kind of refus is signed. I give everybody in detail to be told here.

Above all the guiding ideology that United States is not immigrant visa for us. Regulation of American immigration laws assumes the person of all visa has emigrant tendency first, unless you can prove you. Generally speaking if you can prove this, other easy to handle. This already simple difficult. The conditional situation of everybody is different, very it's hard to say what is certainly have or do not have. Nevertheless generally speaking if you are alone child or alone female be to cannot serve as reason, because the young generation of major China is this kind of circumstance, you do not say basic consul knows. Consul of a lot of moment is met come straight to the point asks you can come back, or why can come back.

Your opportunity came, because he pays no attention to you, you are signed possibly also by refus, but the answer that asked you must give him a satisfaction. By the way, you must prepare the result of this problem, and if he pays no attention to you, you also want method tells him.

I believe a lot of people do not have emigrant tendency, but if prove,do not know.

Everybody the situation is different, visa sort is different, I can tell everybody a few main train of thought only, everybody can think to this respect.

Still having what I wanted to say is not to scold consul. True, they are not easy also. They do not decide immigration laws, they are executant. I hold out those who understand them. Stand over everyday so long, listening to everybody to telling similar story every day, very irritated. And generally speaking their 3-5 or so minutes be about to judge you to have emigrant tendency, if cannot make judgement, according to immigration laws the regulation calculates you to have.

Someone says they want the mood. Occasionally yes, if you are consular word,do not pass, what you feel you can have what tweak to who judge to say in 3-5 is false really, who has emigrant tendency?

Add cent to be a proof you do not have emigrant tendency, decrease cent to prove you may have.

Above all if had married, have the child even, this is very strong Familytie, add cent.

Used has been to other country, especially similar visa, and go back to the motherland on schedule, add cent.

For example, you sign business affairs visa of the United States, your used goes European Union business affairs makes an on-the-spot investigation.

Used has come to the United States, especially similar visa, and go back to the motherland on schedule, add add cent, basically be the most powerful argument.

Estate is in China, in him under one's name, take house property testimony, need not just, add cent.
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