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The common problem of E-VISA of Australia electron visa and solve
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1, what is electronic visa E-Visa?

Electronic visa E-Visa is operating system of the application on the net of one a complete set of that Australia emigrates to the ministry examines and approve efficiency to raise student visa and be developed. It with E, Electronic electron technology is a method, adopt an expert network system, the abroad student visa that applies for relevant visa the data to deliver Australian government with the form of electronic documentation tries a center (OPC) , undertake evaluating, the form that OPC exchanges through electronic documentation examines and approve watch of record date, check-up, visa the file such as case to send what apply for visa to the representative to study abroad service orgnaization, whole visa program simplifies greatly, efficiency gets huge rises.

2, how does ability apply for Australia visa effectively?

Applicant must:

Fill appropriate to file form with English

Hand in by need handle charge (basically be certificate fee and tuition)

Pay other possibility and the fee that apply for to concern, if deal with health and place of proof of character and morals to require cost

Contented and other visa files a requirement

Make check-up and X light inspection according to the announcement, make all files and material to the acting orgnaization that you choose

Answer all questions according to the facts, if you provide false information or data, your visa may be rejected

3. what person can apply for electronic student visa with getting online?

Applicant must

Hold is active passport and its stay in you bay during study effective;

Receive an electron to admit confirm letter (E-CoE) , its indicate any the main course that you hope to learn, preliminary course and the first course that begin inside 4 months;

The international credit card that hold can be accepted;

The passport of hold China, India or Thailand

4, is conduction flow of electronic visa E-Visa how?

Electronic visa application material and common visa requirement are identical, the material detailed list that presses emigrant ministry (Checklist) prepares seriously, need not send actually, original protects existence intermediary company. Its are main the characteristic is electronic application means.

Above all, of visa of accredit conduction electron study abroad service orgnaization (still incorrect individual is open) scan go ahead of the rest of concerned individual application material, next, input specific password, adopt the form of electronic text, deferent to Australia abroad student visa tries a center (OPC) , begin cognizance;
E-Visa is an automation processing system (Smartsystem) , after it accepts application, every application can make TRN(TransactionReferenceNumber) and check-up list automatically, study abroad service orgnaization immediately can be printed come out, still can examine and approve a circumstance in the inquiry on the net by TRN at any time, the student is used print the check-up watch that come out to appoint hospital check-up;
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