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Practical guideline: DS of American visa application fills out a form ABC
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Fill out a form note: 

1, all blank space fill in with English.

2, the examination is not had by accident reuse

3, after filling out a form, must click " Continue " pushbutton, such ability make Pdf file. Can save come down to be printed to other place. Attention, what should print is Pdf file, is not a webpage

4, print the form that come out not to want fold. Because have bar code, so the proposal has used the printer.

5, triliteral name, for instance: Zhang Moji, surname:&Nbsp;Zhang, first Name:&Nbsp;Wuji. The Chinese does not have Middle Name

6, the order of name phoneticize surname and name, do not have rigid limitation generally speaking. Of course, according to foreign habit, ought to put the last name at the back. Anyway, like must maintaining all patterns inside form

7, the place that need fills in or does not have nothing to do with oneself, print after coming out, drop with stroke

8, sign one's name cannot be written in order to be on the net, should print come out to be filled by hand

If fill out a form by hand, choose black pen or a stiff-haired writing brush please; Do not choose ball-pen or pencil.

One, DS156 fills out a form problem

Online DS-156 expresses an address: Https:// Lang=1

1, 2 countries fill P.R.China and China all but, municipality directly under the Central Government but need not fill State/province

2, 4 " DD-MMM-YYYY " , fill XX-AUG-20055

3, 8 " ever used a last name " do not have commonly, crossed

4, 9 " ever used a name " , alexandrine

5, 12 " Nationality " fill P.R.China

6, 14 Id 15 18 all but

7, 86-21-xxxxxxxx is used before 16 telephone number, 86-xxxxxxxxxxx is used before the mobile telephone

8, 20 addresses that write your reality employer. This year's unripe fill in school address can. If bowstring surname asks happily,go straight towards Song to play? And did not find the job again, need not fill

9, the Job Title that 21 uptodate professions fill you, be like Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, student Etc

Attention: Read the in the school RA TA when grinding to wait not to calculate working experience

10, 22 words that if know,have body date, make clear specific date please. Write month otherwise can

11, 24 " during the beauty address " write the graduate school, had better be the department that your place reads. When filling Chinese to express with this information, need not break up into Chinese to fill English directly can

12, 25 " the is being visited full name that is in the United States and connection means " , write your adviser; If did not appoint an adviser,fill you to fasten the little secret in.

13, 26 " draft retention period is in the beauty " , write the study fixed number of year on I20

14, F1 fills Study

15, 28 are like the name that writes Support your person at one's own expenses and relation, or write Funds From Family; If have Offer, fill the school
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