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British visa needs " bright sword spirit "
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What is bright sword spirit? Li Yunlong is so say " archaic swordsman and ace come into unavoidable confrontation, assume this adversary is the world the first swordsman, are you known perfectly well not enemy how should do? Be face about is running away still beg for mercy? Cannot shrink back of course, otherwise by what are you become swordsman? This was opposite, knowing perfectly well is dead, also want a sword to give scabbard, this calls bright sword, do not have this courage are not become swordsman. Next not calculating fall in adversary sword to go up humiliating, although defeat You Rong,that cries, if dare not shine,the sword is not mixed on all corners of the country after you. " a soldier says this, soldier of a China says, in modern society we need bright sword drive likewise, application England visa also needs bright sword drive.

Backward be about to take a beating we understand, developing ability is we also understand good sense, chinese student studies abroad the fact with hard visa also proved this, our deep experience arrives the motherland is only powerful, our Chinese just does not suffer discrimination. Of Lu Xun gentleman take creed and forest criterion the Shi Yi of Xu grows ability to encourage us in order to make foreigner to be walked out of, learn abroad's advanced science and technology and concept, better render service to repay kindness the motherland.

Visa is to bar in study abroad a tiger on road, no matter you applied for which school, you need to do visa, and visa official resembles a swordsman, the person that can carry lays in his sword, satisfy 3 requirements commonly: 1, you are a true student, arranged reasonable study to plan (the collocation that this includes record of formal schooling, major and language) ; 2, you offerred sufficient financing to assure, study abroad will not bring heavy economic burden to your family; 3, the meeting after you graduate goes back to the motherland, without emigrant tendency. Especially capital this one part, according to old experience, the student should provide real data, return the requirement that should accord with British visa policy, visa official sees fund, reflecting what go up in material is the history and origin, what the history points to is the time that money puts in security under one's name, and can the deposit time before restrospect to, and the profession that origin wants to show capital security and income, pass this both analysis, what visa official should judge is " your family whether offer remove you to study abroad " . If say your capital history is insufficient 6 months, or your the closest origin is very complex, do you return application? This moment, you need to shine your sword, the explains good fund history that argue strongly and origin, you can obtain visa.

Listening to time of first gear broadcast to hear yesterday so a paragraph of word, although very simple, very reasonable also however " a lot of people are successful, it is force in adversity come out, so old day is very fair, when you face dilemma now, old day is forcing you succeed " , word coarse, manage not coarse. The way that study abroad is very hard, but very contented, perhaps you can have such and such difficulty on this road, but straight face these difficulty, bright the sword that gives you, why is not old day is forcing you succeed!
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