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Stay bay the possibility that how reduces to be signed by refus
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Many people had had such experience, application is gone to bay study abroad, oneself feel the job of each respect is done very well, but be signed by refus however. Does the reason where? How can ability reduce the possibility that is signed by refus? A few days ago, australian live abroad emigrated to lawyer of attorney office immigrant Dr. David Zeng analysed a reason and introduce a student to need watchful place suddenly.
1. The applicant does not understand the immigration office specific requirement to visa category, bring about did not satisfy the basic requirement that submits application, evaluate beforehand in PVA(visa) level is signed by refus.

Student visa sort is various, from visa category 570~574, each category has diverse demand to student age, English, record of formal schooling, capital. For example, after a Chinese student studying abroad that reads a middle school in New Zealand is admitted by Kun Shilan university, when applying for visa, achievement has Yinyasai 5.5 minutes only and be signed by refus. It is commonly in people impression, think elegant think of achievement 5 minutes to be able to submit application. Actually otherwise, immigration office check when this student, can think to learn in New Zealand and learn in Chinese home different, requirement nature will be taller.

2. Do not understand an immigration office to assuring the computation of capital asks, because capital is insufficient,sign by refus.

The immigration office is right student visa (include to accompany read reach guardian visa) capital requirement, because be the same as a category and do not have different specific provision, cannot copy other or other category to calculate oneself economy assures, have neglect a bit, with respect to inadequacy of number of meeting occurrence capital, because financial condition proves to give a mistake,still meet sometimes, suffer the case of merciless refus autograph. For example, visa official is in in the refus autograph letter of a student point out clearly, "Through computation your capital number is not worth, poor 5673 bay yuan, accordingly, the visa that rejects you applies for " .

3. Still have the reason that a lot of people are signed by refus, it is referred economy assures prove those who cause to not agree with with income.

Of material not accurate or truthless, it is the main reason that causes refus lot more. Have the applicant with some of very good condition even, the material make it that will accord with a requirement completely look be like false data. Also have such case, normally PVA is passed, the student is after consign is tuitional, produce an immigration office to investigate source of capital security income again, affirm material is truthless and refus sends visa. Because not be clear about the investigation order of the immigration office and method,the happening of these circumstances is more, cause misunderstanding to bring about refus autograph.
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