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American maiden husband and wife is not immigrant visa (K1, Introduction K2)
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American fiancee (husband) K kind visa K visa is to give foreign nationality fiancee (husband) be not immigrant visa. Intended the American citizen with become attached to of foreign nationality personage, can be fiancee (husband) the requirement that raises K visa, fill I-129F form, fiancee (husband) to consulate interview, after approval, foreign nationality fiancee (husband) can enter the United States 90 days, in order to prepare wedding, after marrying, can file conditional green card, the citizen can apply for after 3 years. K visa has two kinds, k-1 gives fiancee (husband) , k-2 gives fiancee (husband) children.

Application time:

Generally speaking, the time that files K visa wants 3 months at least, pull 6 months possibly also, immigration office examine and verify a month, transmit relevant document to arrive fiancee (husband) consulate of the former United States that occupy the ground, a month, arrange check-up, interview about 1 many months.

Applicant can live in the United States the 180 days longest, 90 days when went to the United States in should marry with American dweller, the time that go, announcement immigration office is changed for conditional temporarily resident status.

Place of application K visa needs certificate to include:

American citizen and fiancee (husband) need to fill in the data of itself, fill in namely application form. After sending an immigration office, the immigration office can inform party of approval or refuse, the fiancee after knowing to approve (husband) should inform the United States of consulate, collected enough data, after reaching consulate to get concerned data, can interview.

Fiancee (husband) be in when consulate interview should carry birth certificate, passport, without guilty notarization, american consulate approves the check-up list of medical establishment, 4 pieces of photo, the economic deed of security that place of maiden husband and wife gives beautiful book (I-134) form, the personage that has married previously should be shown last marriage certificate and divorce proof.

Deed of security of simple and easy economy is all blame the file with immigrant visa and necessary place of major profession immigrant visa, the gives about the personage life that wants American churchyard namely assures file.

The data that economic deed of security fills in:

Fill in person namely the income of security, belongings, investment, loan or defray, whether be willing to buy security for vouchee, the limitation that understanding society concerns welfare on safe method and excessive receive the punishment of welfare, the pay that employer opens, the deposit that the bank opens proves, the assessment of business company level.

To the certificate that American consulate interview needs:

The first it is of course with security, namely the relation of American maiden husband and wife.
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