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The expert is directive: Does deep and remote Me Li spill У of Chi ⒘ Xi to tak
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Differ with England, United States, when the of all kinds visa that applies for Canada, canadian emigrant official won't want interview of applicant of sue for peace normally, the cognizance that has individual and emigrant project only has the move of interview in the program, divide this beyond, the reason still includes the possibility of applicant of emigrant official interview the applicant's material has doubtful point, be convention even selective examination sexual interview. About interview, the following is the problem that the applicant cares most: What visa application must want interview? Generally speaking, immigrant of the Quebec investment immigrant that applies for Canada, Quebec technology immigrant, each province nomination plans (besides individual province) have interview this needs classics measure. Below most circumstance, the federal investment immigrant that applies for Canada also needs interview this link, process this kind of application with long already keep long in stock to quicken at present, the applicant with some better conditions may exempt interview. Apply for the visa of other category, if immigrant of student visa, federal technology, family member reunites,emigrate, the possibility of interview is not large, basically be the applicant that selective examination or is aimed at material impeach. What circumstance can avoid interview? It is application material clarity, complete above all, nonexistent subjective controversy; Next the requirement that height of applicant itself condition accords with place to apply for visa, the visa itself that applies for of course also has the possibility that dismisses interview. Be like the applicant with Canadian federal emigrant technology, its give a mark each the value has sufficient, objective written material evidence, so the possibility that dismisses interview is very tall. What preparation should interview make? For the applicant that has interview demand to visa program itself, the involves interview possibly issue when had better applying for plan to design considers inside, lest the circumstance of antilogy happens. From receive interview to inform attend interview, have the time that a month influences commonly, the applicant wants to be familiar with the application material that already presented adequately during this, the involves possibly issue in communicating interview process with his file adviser, lawyer reachs answered plan, divide this beyond, the original of on best belt a few crucial material and helpful auxiliary sex material, had arranged below the guidance of file adviser. If can attend imitate interview, conduce to understanding interview program. Most interview has an interpreter attendant, but if some interview are Quebec technology immigrant, new Sikeshe saves nomination immigrant to plan, need applicant not interpreter of have the aid of is mixed directly emigrant official is communicated.   Where to attend interview?
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