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A word defeats solution England visa
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Fall is the season of results, a lot of fellow students that take visa set foot on the road that Ying Lun studies abroad smoothly. The British visa that reviews a rise and fall since this year to fall changes, there are a lot of deep feelings in the heart. How many is there in thinking this one year outstanding learn to cross visa artificially this bank, in the test that experiencing a no less than the university entrance exam. The visa percent of pass of 72% , it is a challenge to each person.

Place body among them, ever received the query of many students and parent, a magic weapon of what get the upper hand of does British visa have? I think at that time, should do not have. British visa is not absolutely. If have really, the likelihood is that " affection " word. Affection is lasting, should apply only proper, all visa difficult problem also with respect to be readily solved.

Above all, visa material should be told solid " affection " . The person of problem of visa of may all care can discover, british diplomatic mission asks study abroad visa file detailed list, always have such or you cannot offer in that way document. This is the true state of affairs, also be national condition. For instance, your parents is a boss, they may have big income however without fixed monthly pay; For instance, your parents is labour firewood gens, they may be odd without duty of individual income tax, be true pay taxes however; Again for instance, your parents is a soldier, they may do not have registered permanent residence. Such, you say or do not say, how to say, whether can your visa gain the influence finally passing. But anyhow, you want this " affection " tell fair and reasonable.

Next, assure gold should talk feeling " affection " . In modern economic society, cultured is how to be like why lay money with money. Enjoy interest rate period especially, do not have a person to be able to regard the only measure of conduct financial transactions as deposit. However, arrived visa, arrived to study abroad, your security must be your capital your writing to stock a bank again, put carry first half of the year. But if just your security because the matter of capital have enough to meet need may not exist money the bank is such long, or because of you the most advantageous security cannot be offerred for you when assure and needing to seek security additionally, how you obtain visa? At this moment, a perfect excuse appears such important. If you can say chill visa official so that come to tears, I think he won't not give you visa.

Again, visit one's family visa should have close " affection " , accompany read visa to must want to have love " affection " . I ever had done such and such visa for very much student family member, they do not have the set foot on Yinglun road of one exception, this has among them most the most classical accompany read law case. A female student studying abroad of surname plum does for her newly-married husband at that time accompany read, wrote to visa official namely about emotive of their husband and wife disgusting to extremely invitation letter, have more among them " I and my gentleman were known those who be as long as 5 years is long, and I leave him after marrying 5 days and go " if, touch visa official so that gave her visa that day. Visa official is won't give the heart to breaks of an affectionate couple, the story that although you are told,hears to him is false.
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