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Take beautiful interview skill: How should be refus autograph dealt with
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One fills in to be mixed correctly complete application form is very important to applying for visa, the erroneous data on application form and do not accord with a regulation fill in, or give false information, make a holiday fill in, will become the matter that is signed by refus

If the consulate when interview did not raise any questions at all, do not give applicant opportunity the explanation again, make refus sign processing quickly, the applicant often can think this is the inequitable decision that consular official makes to its. Be not actually such, because consul already was before interview beforehand examine and verify its application material, the data that submits according to applicant place, think integral circumstance has a problem, or have emigrant tendency, or the requirement that does not accord with immigration laws and regulation, and give refus is signed.

Some people think his / after her visa is signed by refus, change other consulate to apply for to the opportunity obtains visa again, be not actually such. Above all, after visa is signed by refus, the passport is met on last page Gai Shangzhang be made by consular official earmark, account refus signs date, record of this refus autograph can protect existence United States to be stationed in data-base of archives of abroad and all diplomatic and consular missions all the time inside. The American diplomatic and consular missions that where goes to no matter, have the record that this applicant is signed by refus. Next, american each diplomatic and consular missions has his administer get an area, you should be lived in you, the consulate of the life and workplace applies for visa. Although consulate cannot prevent anybody to go to what his / her place lives to get the consulate beyond the area to apply for visa, but can be looked to be signed with respect to refus by consular carelessly when interview normally.

To after refus is signed, applying for again, should notice what get a house each to apply for to set again. For example, the regulation is accepted which days every week apply for again, or the ability after wanting to wait for 6 months applies for wait again. Have what regulation no matter, if the applicant is signed by refus, you answer when when providing the new material that has conviction, offer application to the American consulate of our region again. If do not have change of very big materiality or new application material, do not have necessary offer application again, will face the result that is signed by refus again otherwise.

Refus signs a specification

The United States is stationed in the application of abroad diplomatic and consular missions to any visa, have categorical power to make decisions. If visa applies for to be rejected with some kind of reason by consular official, the applicant does not have formal appeal authority and appeal channel. But after the applicant is rejected, still have the right that applies for afresh. If American consulate official rejects to grant visa, general metropolis is oral when interview ends the reason that tells refus lot, or send an applicant beforehand printed is written announcement, show the account that refus signs, or the need when telling an applicant to apply for again provides what material and evidence afresh.
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