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How can obtain Canadian visa smoothly
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Canada is the heat country that draws a student studying abroad all the time, outside the education that permits from height water besides its, favorable development environment, because be the same as the special relationship of American border on, can become study abroad American gangplank also is a main reason. But, should obtain successfully go to it is not easy however to add visa. Applicant needs to notice above a few elements:

   One, the main demand of policy of contented Canada visa

Conduction Canada studies abroad the material of visa, basically get the essential factor that assures 3 respects:

1, study abroad reasonably plan
2, sufficient financing
3, let visa official believe the applicant can learn to go back to the motherland

   2, stuff is honest and preparation is sufficient

In the process that applies for visa, honesty is a very main factor, canadian diplomatic mission values the authenticity of first time material especially. The orgnaization of examine and verify of Canadian place can send a person to arrive in your home even, go to you examine and verify the authenticity of your data, and come not only, often want to come 3 times two, will to home take a picture, read a material, very serious. A few intermediary to make money, adopting fluky mentality, help those be not had study abroad application student of the condition produces proof of false record of formal schooling, false bank deposit, such false data by Canadian embassy fish, not only at least 2 years less than cannot apply for applicant individual again go to Canada, the applicant to same area also can bring terrible influence.

   3, careful choice intermediary

Seasoned intermediary company can provide certain convenience and guidance to applicant truly, but intermediary market good and evil people mixed up, still should take care to return when the choice take shelter from the wind danger. Company of proposal choice intermediary wants " 4 look " :

Whether is seeing it Ministry of Education approbate study abroad one of intermediary orgnaizations;

Whether do the 2 specific projects that see it act as agent get studying abroad the accredit attestation of national university;

The 3 diplomatic and consular missions outside seeing this school whether have our country to be stationed in hold a file what issue to the aptitude of this school;

4 see Ministry of Education teach concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to superintend a website (the list of foreign regular school that whether Www.jsj.edu.cn) includes Ministry of Education to approbate this officer.

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