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The commonnest error reachs the way to deal with a situation in Canadian visa in
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In visa interview, answering the question that good visa official raises is the core place of interview, visa official gives do not depend on completely to your Pass this. And Chinese applicant regular meeting makes the following two kinds of mistakes:

Mistake one: Type of be forced to tell sth bit by bit replies

This is the commonnest a very bad also mistake. Ask a question for visa official more, you answer. Talk not actively to visa official about this problem other a few circumstances. Fault of this kind of answer is in ignore the main purpose of visa official interview: Understand your experience. When should asking about you so, you must sufficient. Make visa official has more specific knowledge to your circumstance.

Anyhow, the purpose of visa official interview is to understand you, say more please a bit! Can visa officer let irritated? Won't, but you must establish communication with visa official, he likes you to say you say more, he does not like to stop in time. Like someone else is being counteracted to interact in daily life just like us.

  Mistake 2: Ego denies formulary

This is the mistake with common compatriots. In daily life, perhaps this is goodness, but arrived over there visa official, it is annihilative. The commonnest symptom is:
Visa official: "Your English listens go up very general, why writing however on your form fluent? Why writing however on your form fluent??

Answer: "My English really very flooey, really feel sorry, nevertheless I can think method rises... "

This answer fault denies in ego. Just think your English is very poor, why does visa official let you go to Canada?

Right answer and attitude should be: Everything what had done to oneself is full of passion and pride, no matter what mention, reply with coming actively with sufficient confidence up.

Apply for the process that Canada studies abroad, it is the process that proves to Canadian government you are outstanding. In this process, everything what what you do, no more than is prove to Canada, you accord with the qualification that they set. Interview is to let you prove you are outstanding last chance of the qualification. Everything what you must do for yourself is proud, everything what experience for yourself is proud, include to be about to be in Canada to obtain for you accomplish and excited and proud, this ability is true life attitude, it is the exclusive interview manner that makes sure you obtain visa successfully.

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