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Emigrant experience talks: Visa should notice what a few days that
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Should face visa official immediately, be in these days in, what do you still need to prepare? We might as well of Ms. Ma Li that listens to just obtain Australian visa " autograph classics " :

One, hope is the mainest:

Experience of these two days lets me feel, self-confidence is very important. But self-confidence is not without foundation and come. So Where is the self-confident heart that how builds you?

1, the whats in a few days before visa are done, practice smiling to the mirror, became habitual be used to till the smile, talk on foot casual the all the time was not laughing to calculate highest state. The person that can laugh always lets a person feel especially festival, let visa official see dozen of heart in glad.

2, build confidence to achieve, method of certain otherwise choose, even if be superstition activity, want what can gain confidence for you to be worth to try only. No matter what happen before you are signed, what you should believe to be refus is again much, his must has those who had signed, or their visa official also does not have law report to the superior after accomplishing a task, and that is the luckiest probable it is you!

3, passport picture should have been illuminated. Before visa official sees your person, what he sees first is your O156 and passport. The photograph affects visa official directly to class impression of the person the view to you. Want so careful and careful! Oneself are taken forbid let kin friend help looking is quite dignified, laugh quite lovelily.

4, be gotten when you when waiting before the window, you must not think visa official did not make object to you. Your doing, visa official stands high above the masses, all stop eye ground. Want to show your temperament, hold out a bosom to look up, neither haughty nor humble land is peaceful wait.

5, when talking, language fast must slow. Although your spoken language is again good, do not be opposite please your English is assertive, it is good to when saying, need to develop 78 achievements only. If your English appears,not be very fluent word, this is very normal, you are a foreigner originally! But if you say exceedingly fluent, visa official can regard you as when speaking with you say very casually like American. If in case he says quickly, it is not clear that you listen thed loss outweights the gain.

6, express when visa official cool when, you are not disappointed, this is their occupational disease. Do not affect your mood because of this, remember maintaining a smile, although he is essential frame-up soon you, you also should stare at him to laugh from beginning to end, first and last!

7, in case be signed by refus, not crestfallen also. What won't bring by first time originally when be being signed the 2nd times again bad influence.

2, material preparation is sufficient it is crucial:

I used the time scratch of a week, the time of a week and husband are right experienced, two days are returned finally and a spoken language is very good and the classmate with very clear thinking is right experienced, obtained her precious opinion. Want to oneself alone opportunity can practice ceaselessly only at ordinary times.
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